Heritage is able to offer you guidance before you have registered 
the death.  Once the death has been registered you will have the documents required to start arranging the funeral.  





Registering A Death


In England, all deaths need to be registered with the registrar for births, deaths and marriages within five days.  These timeframes may differ if the registrar agrees to extend the period, or if the death has been referred to the coroner.

Who is responsible for registering the death?


The person who takes on this responsibility is normally a relative or friend of the person who has died. However if this isn't possible then the death can be registered by:-

- Any person who was present when the person died

- Any person who lives at the same place where the person died

- The person who is going to be responsible for arranging the funeral

In most cases the person registering the death will need to make an appointment at the local registry office. Heritage is more than willing to accompany you to this appointment if this will help you with the process at this sad time.

What does the registrar need from me?


It is helpful to take as much information as possible to the registrar in order to speed up the process including:-

-The full name of the person who has died

- Their date of birth and details of their place of birth

- Their home address (in some cases the name of the nursing home they resided at)

- Their occupation (even if the person had retired their occupation when they retired is still relevant)

- Their marital status (if they were married and their spouse is still alive the registrar will need to know the spouse's date of birth)

- If the person had a pension or allowance from public funds.

What additional documents will the Registrar require to see?


- Medical Certificate of Cause of Death

- NHS (National Health Service) card /number (if you have it)

- Birth Certificate

- Marriage Certificate (if they were married)

What happens at the Registrar 's Office?


The registrar will complete a form which will include all the details of the person who has died in order to be able to issue what is known as a Green Certificate.  This is required by any funeral director to have the authorisation to arrange a burial or cremation.

What happens if the death is being looked into by the Coroner?

If a Coroner is looking into the death then registering the death does work a little differently.  If you find yourself in this circumstance we will talk to you and give you guidance on how to move forward.


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