Making A Funeral Special & Personalised Heritage will always 
endeavour to support and advise you so that your loved one's 
funeral is both personal and special in every way.

The choice of a coffin

As professionals we understand that choosing a coffin can be upsetting and difficult when you are grieving.


We will guide you through the process, and answer all your questions sensitively.

Heritage have a full range of coffins and caskets from 

traditional wood to cardboard.  If you would like something
completely different, our contemporary coffins are visually 
stunning and guarantee personalisation.

Friends and family can choose what their loved one wears on their final journey.  This could be a favourite t-shirt, the shirt of their favourite sports team, a uniform or wedding dress.

Special Momentos 

Whilst your loved one rests with us you are welcome to  put any special momentos into the coffin such as
photographs, poems or letters.

Carrying the Coffin

We will arrange for our pall bearers to carry the coffin although if you prefer you, a family member or friend may wish to do this. In this case full support and guidance will be given by your funeral director.


Visiting Your Loved One

Should you, members of your family, or friends, wish to visit your loved one at our Chapel of Rest prior to the funeral then this will be arranged at a time that suits you.


Hearses or Horses

We offer a variety of options for your loved one's final journey, 
including funeral cars and traditional horse-drawn hearses.  

Whatever you would like, we will try to provide your chosen
transport from milk floats to Land Rovers .

Mourners Clothes

People often say that they don't want mourners wearing black or dark clothes.  If you know that your loved one would want bright colours then please do tell us this.


Favourite Music and Hymns can be arranged by us for the funeral service. Heritage have compiled a complete guide to music which includes a list of traditional hymns for your information and guidance.

Floral Tributes & Donations

Floral tributes are seen by many people as an important part of saying goodbye.


Donations to a chosen charity are now a very common part of the funeral service.

Notices & Obituaries

The majority of families choose put a notice in the local paper or online  to inform as many people as possible that their loved one has passed.  Heritage will help you to create the notice and make sure it is printed where required.

The Wake

Following the service you may want to find a location nearby to eat and drink with friends and family.

It is a good idea to plan ahead for this by thinking of the following:


Number of People 


By planning ahead it will take the pressure from you on the day.