Heritage Direct Plus

cremation with a short ceremony 

Heritage Direct Plus Funeral

The Heritage Direct Plus Funeral is where a loved one is taken by our Funeral Director to the crematorium, family and friends meet at the crematorium chapel (limited to 12 mourners) and attend a short service lead by our civil celebrant.

This is an affordable option for many families who only wish to have a limited number of mourners attending the funeral service as an alternative to what is regarded as a conventional funeral


The key differences from a Direct Plus to Traditional

  • You won't be able to visit your loved one in the funeral home

  • You aren't able to choose the day and time of the cremation

  • The number mourners permitted to attend the service is limited to 12.

  • Your loved one will travel with our Funeral Director directly to the crematorium.

What you will pay for

  • The Funeral Directors Professional fees

  • Collection and Care of your loved one 

  • Heritage Standard coffin

  • Hearse and transportation to the Crematorium

  • Crematorium & doctors fees.

The last goodbye

A Direct Plus cremation does not stop you or your family from having a farewell ceremony or memorial service which may include a greater number of people in attendance in the days or months that follow.  The ceremony or service may include the scattering of ashes at a memorable or favourite location.

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