The choice of Burial or a Cremation has often
been indicated by the person before their death.

Religion or family traditions may be the deciding factor.



The crematorium has a chapel which is used by the family for either a religious or non-religious service before the committal or you could choose to have the service somewhere else first.  

Scattering of Ashes

The final resting place for a loved one can be the most hardest decision of the entire funeral arranging process and we recommend that family and friends take their time to make this important decision.

Popular choices include:-

- Garden of Remembrance

- an existing grave

- a place of happy memories

- at sea

- in your own back garden

Heritage will guide you though the range of caskets, urns and keepsakes and we will look after the ashes for up to 8 weeks.  This means you are able to collect them at a time when you have made your decision without having to feel rushed.

Burying Ashes

Burying of ashes in a plot does mean that you have a place to visit and remember a loved one and does give you the option to erect a memorial.  

Popular choices to bury ashes include:

- in the Garden of Remembrance

- in a Churchyard

- in a Grave

- in your Garden

- in a Woodland burial ground.

We will be able to advise you if you will need permission for burial or scattering of ashes please just simply ask us and we will be happy to help.

Keeping Ashes

Some people choose to simply keep the ashes of a loved one either because they want to keep them close or they are waiting for the right time to scatter or bury at a future date.


People are normally buried in a chuchyard or cemetery.  New burial plots can be purchased or an existing family grave can be used.

New Graves

New graves can be purchased in any churchyard or cemetry subject to there being space available.  Some families when purchasing a new grave choose to reserve more space at that time also for a loved one to be buried at a future date.

Existing Graves

If the family already have an existing grave that they would like to use, Heritage can help with the arrangements on your behalf.  We would need you to provide the documents/deeds that you have for the grave where possible, but if you can't find these all is not lost.  We will work our hardest to still make this possible.  We will also have to ensure that there is space in the grave for your loved one before we can confirm the arrangements.

Costs/ Fees

New graves and opening existing graves do incur diifferent costs along with replacing or alterations to a headstone.

Charges can vary from town to town and cemetery to cemetery but once we are clear on your wishes we will find out the exact costings for you.

Alternative Burials

Some people choose to have an alternative burial including at sea or in a woodland. Heritage is here to deliver the burial of your choosing.

Burial Remembrance Choices

A memorial acts as a focal point for friends and family to visit for quiet contemplation or to lay flowers and tributes.

We are able to offer you a choice of headstones for the stonemason to craft to your specific requirements whether that be a new stone or to make alterations and additions to an existing stone.

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